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Our Human history has been twisted, lied, and warped for centuries.

About Me


My Name is Mark Richard Fluet. I was born in Waterbury, CT on May 18th  1969 at Waterbury Hospital. My Father was a welder and My mother was a nurse. I was mostly raised by my Grandparents due to the fact that my parents both worked the same hours. 

When i was old enough to attend school, i went to Sacred Heart Elementary school, a Catholic school, in Waterbury, CT. Here is where things were not so right for me. I was raised to read and question i was constantly in trouble for questioning what the actual bible said as opposed to what was being taught.

In March of 1978 we all moved to Alhambra, CA where i attended Marguerita Elementary School. The move was mainly due to my Father could no longer stand the cold weather it was effecting his overall Health. After I graduated from Marguerita Elementary i enrolled in Alhambra High school where I graduated in 1987

After Graduating from Alhambra High School, I joined  the United States Coast Guard for 4 years where my eyes were truly opened.  I was active Duty during the first Persian Gulf war and if that wasn't bad enough i was probably glutting for punishment cause i joined the Army National Guard not long after that.

My research into this subject was brought to light as i was an engineer and i could see what was happening. I realized the water no longer tasted the same, i could smell the difference in the air and i could feel it all around. It was traveling that i thought i was the only one. But during my time in the Military i found, to my surprise there were literally thousands all knowing the same thing.


It was after i enrolled in Phoenix University Online that i decided i was going to write a book due to the fact the subject has never been truly answered by the skeptics, and after researching history found literally hundreds of cities destroyed due to skeptics stupidity.


I embarked on this quest to get the truth because i have a responsibility to my loved ones and all mankind has a responsibility but no one can make a choice without all the information.


Name: Mark Fluet
Location: Wytheville, VA

Alhambra High School-1983-1987
East Los Angeles College
Phoenix University

United states Coast Guard
California Army National Guard
Indiana Army National Guard
United States Army Reserve

Military Training:
Ship Board Fire Fighting
Maritime Law Enforcement
Air Conditioning and Refrigeration
Diesel Engine Mechanic
Evaporators and shipboard engines
Cummings Tear Down and Rebuild School

Units Assigned:
Basic Training-Cape May, NJ
United States Coast Guard Cutter Morgenthau-Alameda,CA
United States Coast Guard Cutter Munro-Alameda,CA
United States Coast Guard Group Monterey-Monterey,CA
40th Fwd support Battalion-Barstow,CA

Military Medals:
National Defense Medal for Persian Gulf 1991

Occupation: Author

**Credible Author Based on years of education and experience**