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Our Human history has been twisted, lied, and warped for centuries.



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By: Mark R. Fluet





What has happened to our species? There is the growing pain in that question. I can tell you that I think of that every time I sit and stare at the sky on a clear dark night.


I know a secret that only some may even speculate. I look at the churches line up on a small road in a small town, just to see that the human race has no clue what is really happening.



Ok. So let us forget about the fact that there was an area 51, till recently there was not even any knowledge of this area. We have to remember the fact that it was not until after 1947 that our technology has risen to an expediential point. After that year our technology increased so rapidly that our entire expectation of life has changed too.



It was that fact alone that set me on an investigative journey. This journey took me to the depths of a place that I do not think any other man would be able to survive with all his faculties. I do not mean only the dangers involved, but it also means that all the beliefs that are in place are there to keep you in a control state of mind.



It started when I was active duty in the United States Coast Guard in 1990. I was stationed aboard the United States Coast Guard Cutter Morgenthau. We were patrolling the Alaskan Chain. I was on the bride watch. My duties were to keep a look out to ensure that the ship does not encounter any obstacles that would injure the ship and crew. It was 0330 hours (3:00 AM in the morning) the sky was really dark I had all I could do to try to keep awake and keep vigilant. In the sky off to the right I saw a long cylinder shaped object. This object was able to stop in mid air and it was able to go in reverse. I knew that the airplanes could not perform this because there is a little piece of physics known as G-Forces that would destroy our bodies.



I could not utter a sound because I hesitated. Now this is the problem, I hesitated because what I was seeing was not going to the order of life I was brainwashed to believe. I did not call it in, and why I should, After all, Mr. Sweeny Loved to say hey is your eyes open up there. There were no lame comments coming from the bridge. The Boats inmates never uttered anything. I realized then I was the only person that has actually seen this thing. This was a start to this cover-up that actually takes a turn for the most bizarre.



I quickly knew that there was more to this than I was aware of. I knew that I needed to find out this because even when I was 6 years old, I have always realized that only an unintelligent, arrogant, and self centered person would even entertain the thought that we are the only living intelligent beings in the Universe, given the actual age of the Earth of 4.5 billion years old.



This was my mission as to what was really happening on this planet, because I do not believe in accidents in the Universe, and I do not believe that the actual bible actually shows that there is a one GOD. I know this for a fact because, the Hebrews that actually wrote the Bible were not Mono-theistic, They were Heno-Theistic. This knowledge alone now actually brings discredit on religion. Because every religion is preaching 1 not many. Ok now we come to a point of time where we are studying all this beings from other solar systems and I come up to a block because the secret societies are out to control the human race. Why? Well let us begin by saying this. Forget that 98% of the planet are simple mindless idiots that instead of working for themselves in order to help the economy, they continue to work for another company owned by someone else and these elites know that they can crush, or let the economy get a little better in order to maintain control. They need this control in order to protect themselves. We actually outnumber these individuals about 1000 to 1 and would wipe them off the map.



Jim Marrs always says that he does not condone that, but point of fact, our founding fathers knew that they would have to fight the suppressors in order to maintain freedom. Now it actually looks as if that freedom will fail more than ever. There is something that is happening real soon that these elites knew for over 36 years.



Now you are going to tell me that you have heard this, no you have not. I have physically seen this and it is not a very pretty site. These elites have certain knowledge, because after the Roswell crash, the technology was studied and they knew that they could not keep the money in their pockets if people knew about this. They knew that they would be out of business, and they had to be able to keep all the money in their control.



Now there is something else I have seen, there was a complete agreement between the US Government and another species, most called them Reptilians, but I call them traitors. What this was was an agreement for technology in trade of human beings. Sounds bizzare..not yet it doesn’t. Think of this Crack heads sell their own babies for crack, something unheard of right? Wrong it happens all the time. We are only cattle to these elites. In fact, Rockefeller stated that if a human being does not use his brain then he is no better than the cattle we send to slaughter and they should too be slaughtered.



My investigation of this phenomenon is what brought me to this real horror. I have been an advocate of getting to the truth and encouraging others to do the same. What follows is what I have uncovered in this daring adventure of my life.



First let me ask a question. Why do you think that the Elite covered up the UFO secrets in the first place? No it was not because they did not want you to know that there are other life out there, it was because the technology that was available would actually shut down their money making empire. The Bilderburg group is at the high seat of this cover-up; however there are only 7 elite members that actually have the entire world under their control. This corporate empire has the actual agenda to kill off 2/3 of the human population. They know that there is no way that an effective rescue could be done with over 7 billion people, and so they plan to keep themselves safe and let us all die off.



My investigation takes me to the heart of our country, Washington D.C where the group met in secret to discuss the over population of the world. Knowing that there are Mayan prophecies and even the bible has foretold these beings agenda, the elites had to find a way of destroying the population, and what is more arrogant they had hidden this information from the United States people right in front of their eyes. 1. In the Denver Airport where the most traffic is most present, there is a painting high on the wall of the actual events to come. 2. In GA, there is a stone hedge wall that even outlines to keep the population down to only 500,000,000. That is 80 % of the population to be killed.



The UFO or Inter-dimensional knowledge is really about us, it is about whop we really are where we might be going. What is more important is that this knowledge has been out there, and because it has been hidden, people are not paying attention to what is going on around them. In the bible it also states that Jesus said,” Why is it that people can see the stars in the skies, but can not see the signs of the times.”



This brings us to where we are today. What is happening now is that the elites have succeeded in carrying out phase 3 of their plan. What they are poisoning us with is a 3 fold plan and it is in what we use everyday.



WATER: the elites have purposely planned oil spills to be able to use chemical agents in the water to poison our people. They still gain money because there is now more money in the actual clean up than there is in the oil itself. BP has their hands in the US Government and has even members in key positions to bribe department of energy members with 500 million dollar grants. They know the chemicals are poisoning us and they are able to maintain this control and still gain capital on the clean up of the oil rather than the actual oil. Still in control.



FOOD: The elites have devised chemical agents in all processed foods including arsenic. Examples of processed foods are Gerber baby foods. These foods are already prepared and the chemical agents are added without knowledge. These are the factors that are contributing to our inability to combat this because the majority of people do not cook their own foods they want it processed ready to go. Another feather in their cap.



VACCINES: the Elites control the manufacturing and demanding of vaccines in the world. These vaccines are now being proven to have caused deaths and illnesses that are not being combated. With the mandatory vaccines the population’s immune system will fail. With the population’s immune system taken down the illnesses will destroy people.



You are sitting there and thinking this sounds like fantasy, but I have proven this over and over again with facts. You see this is considered a soft kill. What a soft kill would best be defined as the art of killing someone without having any visible evidence of the kill. For example the vaccine that kills would never be blamed on the elites that planned it. They would get off Scott free because the pharmaceutical plant or the doctors would take all the blame. The money that they paid to these companies more than takes care of any law suits and they still manage to be in the black no matter what.



The reason why the US Government does not do anything about this is because the Presidents are all hand picked. They are taught to govern in a way that would never give any indication of a power behind the position. There is no fact you can show me that a president has the power. The last real president of this country was one John F. Kennedy.



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