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OUR Brothers in the Skies Outlook

Posted by mrfluet on November 30, 2009 at 12:41 PM

OUR BROTHERS IN THE SKIESWytheville, VA- There isa new buzz in the UFO books. “Our Brothers in the Skies” is a great bookthat shows many sightings, which the Author will elaborate on in furtherE-Books.


Author House stated,” This book hasthe potential to be a best seller, and I don’t make that quote often.” There isno doubt that this book contains information that really hasn’t been elaboratedon, but it also has a section on debunking the Debunkers. That section is myfavorite because it truly shows things on how to use simple common sense andlogic to clearly show how stupid the Skeptics really sound.


            Whatis probably the most useful piece of information on this book is the AlienTechnology chapter, it really truly shown that there maneuvers are not a realmystery and if you use physics and math it clearly shows that it is moreunderstandable than most people think.


In a recent Interview with theAuthor, Mark Richard Fluet, He stated that there is more that is coming andunless we can unveil the truth, and not just look into the fiction of it wewill see the light as we will all be informed.


This book is a MUST to all thosethat are just now starting out, and even those that think they do know what isgoing on.


Mark Fluet really spelled out true logic,and what is most important is that he used a straight in your face no nonsenseapproach.


I look forward to reading all thenew e-books when they become available.






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