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Resident Evil For Real?

Posted by mrfluet on September 26, 2011 at 2:25 AM



Thats what the Government Agency The Centers for Disease Control and preventio believes. What the hell is this? Yep it is a travesty that they are warning of somehting to come that we the UFOLOGISTS allready knew was happening. Let us just take in consideration the stone hedge like monument in GA. Where in writing it states and I quote,”Keep the population of the earth down to 500,000,000. I think we have already screwed that one up.

Now the creators are coming back and we are in some serious crap. I have already laid all the information in my book that you can find here

Thats not enough I have already wrote the Mark Fluet Electronic Journal that clearly outlines what is going on. Is thewre any reason you should not know? NO every human being is responsible to know what the hell is going on..Oh and by the way..the bible clearly stated that only those that know the creator are saved.

There is no way to sound the bull horn you have already been warned. I mean come on why on earth would the CDC even print this unless they know something that you the morons dont read my book and my second book thats the only way youll get a brain


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