MY BOOKS MY BOOKS Our Brothers in the Skies TEXTS OLDER THAN THE BIBLE 4,000 BC The Sumerians from today's Iraq had contact with Extraterrestrial beings Purchase here: 34983487 Clues to Our Past Mark Fluet Offers historical paintings and facts that have been right in front of our faces for the past 2000 years and it offers some startling ideaology. Purchase Here: 34983488 Oil Industry Criminal tactics report Insight into the crimes that take place within the oil industry everyday Purchase Here: 34983725 Criminology Learning Resource Guide Learning resource guide for university and college students in the subject of criminology Purchase Here: 34983726 The True Beginings The Truth of our begining by an indepth look into the BIBLE without all the mysticism and the flowery garbled poetry as well as incerptsfrom the messagefrom the designers 59449454 E-Book 1952 Washington DC UFO invasion This E-Book covers the actual events of the 1952 Washington invasion a supplement to the sighting listed in M.R.Fluet's book "Our Brothers in the Skies" this gives you an insight to what actually occured over the white house in July of 1952 59183381