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Our Human history has been twisted, lied, and warped for centuries.

Our Brothers in the Skies EBOOK

Our Brothers in the Skies: The Hidden Truth Revealed E- BOOK

2,000 years of UFO evidence including sightings from 50,000 years BC in          cave art to the famous WASHINGTON invasion of 1953. Alien technology and more.


 This book has a complete accordance of actual sightings all over the world from 50,000 years of cave art to the 1953 Washington invasion, also included is the true story of The Zamora UFO incident involving a police officer.


    There are many airline sightings by major airline pilots after the black box transmitter was made a law. I have also included the JAPAN flight incident.

This book describes the UFO conspiracy as a cosmic Watergate, it clearly shows that we on earth have been engaged as a species by aliens for longer than recorded history . This is UFO Proof and should make UFO news. We have had alien contact for long periods of time over our history.

This book covers the following; UFO aliens, UFO evidence, UFO proof, UFO news, UFO conspiracy, UFO files,UFO stories, UFO disclosure is a must, alien UFOs,

alien contact, real alien sightings, alien earth history. 

   This book is a must own for the events that may occur it will be very difficult to get to the truth if you do not have all the information.






Get the chance to listen to the mp3 version of this historical interview. Mark Fluet Interviewed on Florida's UFO Blog Talk Radio.  Hurry you do not want this to escape you.


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